A powerful energy pulse has been discovered deep under the sea. You’re on a submarine quest to discover the source.

Legend has it that this might be the site of the lost city of Atlantis!


​Do you dare brave the deeps? Can you be the one who discovers Atlantis and returns to tell the tale?


Modern drones are a marvellous thing, and some kid has managed to detect a massive energy pulse whilst playing with his birthday present off a cruise ship!
The powers-that-be are ALL over this, and it’s remarkable how quickly they have set up a deep sea expedition to try to pinpoint the energy source. Experts have linked it to a possible location for the fabled city of Atlantis.
You’re part of the team selected to take the plunge in a state-of-the-art submarine adventure. You can hardly wait to see what you will find under there.


​2400 years under the waves…
What sleeps beneath?

Type: Mystery

Style: Adventure

Time: 60 Minutes

Players: 2 – 6

This is our most dramatic game, with a unique style all of its own!

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Payment is made on-site, at the time of playing.

We accept cash or card.