This room contains two complete, separate, 60 minute games! Choose ‘Fight’ or ‘Flight’ and the puzzles, the areas, and even the objectives are different. Each choice has its own locks, doors, and atmosphere.

You’re down to your very last hope. Desperate, you’ve gathered your surviving friends and family and brought them here. Here, to this… bridal shop??


Yes. Here you’ll find someone who will give you a chance to end this madness. You can prove that you are worthy to live on. And this bridal store is the unlikely testing ground.


Face the challenge to win your part in ending the zombie threat.

Type: Skill

Style: Adrenalin

Time: 60 Minutes

Players: 2 – 6

Choose FIGHT for a darker, more physical game, or FLIGHT for a harder mental challenge!

It’s finally happened – the zombie apocalypse is here. The streets are full of the undead and you can’t stay barricaded in your home any longer. Humanity’s last stand is about to be staged.
Here, we’re ready to fight.  We’re going to be exterminating everything we see. If you’re going to survive, you need to join us or get out of our way. If you’re signing up, you’re going to need some weapons, and you’re going to need some nerve to find them.
But not everyone’s a fighter. We need people to direct the armies, think up the strategies, and form the new government. There are rumours that society is reforming somewhere far from here – somewhere safe.  The living whisper between them of a test to be taken to prove your worth and win a coveted boarding pass for the final flight to humanity’s last great stronghold.
Glancing around at your group, huddled together, cowering at every loud noise, you wonder at what the world has come to. How did it come to this, that this is the choice that confronts you? What will you do? What can you do?


Fight or Flight



Final Call is a very special game. Before you start, you will have to make a choice. The game you play depends on whether you choose to fight on the front line or fly to headquarters and help direct the war effort. Each choice comprises different puzzles and areas.



  • You’ve chosen to stay and join the army fighting to exterminate the zombie hordes.
  • This game has lower lighting, more physical puzzles, and of course, more guns!
  • You need to find the weapons and some ammunition, then prove your skills in combat.



  • You’ve chosen to leave the area for the last stronghold of humanity. You need to win your ticket.
  • Your brain is your weapon, and we need your skills to command the war and build the future.
  • It’s not running away. It’s zombie-proofing the future of our race. Without your skills, the front line will have no hope.


And when it’s all over? Come back and play the other choice, of course!


MORE zombies… MORE puzzles… MORE minutes!
Can’t decide what you want to do? It’s easy: do both!
Find the weapons to fight, and also secure your place in the new civilization when the zombies are wiped out.
This room edition has everything from both the Fight and Flight games, but you only have 100 minutes to win! A challenge for the best of the best – do you have what it takes?


Fight AND Fly.
Let’s go!

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Payment is made on-site, at the time of playing.

We accept cash or card.

Final Call (60 min) – 20€pp – Fight / Flight

Final Call: XL (100 min) – 30€pp – Fight+Flight