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We are a group of mixed ages. Which game should we play?
  • All of our games are suitable for groups of between 2 and 6 adult players.
  • Kids under 8 are welcome to play, and we don’t charge for them. If you’re bringing small children, make sure there are enough adults playing to keep an eye on them and keep them included in the fun if they get bored.
  • If you’re a group with at least two adults (18+), we recommend that you play the regular versions of our games. If the adults are just tagging along, and the kids will be doing the work, you could play the kids' game.
  • If your children are younger than 11, your group will need at least two adults (18+) present. You should play the regular games, as the puzzles will probably be beyond the kids. They will enjoy the space and the story, and they'll enjoy opening padlocks and searching, and even doing puzzles once the adults have worked out what to do!
  • For groups including older members, we can assure you that there is adequate light is provided in all of our games. If you need reading glasses, please take them in with you. There is limited seating in the rooms.
We are a group of kids (under 16). Which game should we play?
  • One of our kids' games. They are based on the regular games, with signposting designed to catch kids' attention. Groups of kids from ages 11-15 can play these games with no adult in the group.
We are experienced players, which game would you recommend for us?
  • The Laboratory, although linear, has a lot of content, and focuses on ‘thinky’ puzzles, so it’s still a challenge for experienced players. There are some nice reveals, and a carefully selected variety of challenges mean that a hint-free game is a rarity!
  • Final Call contains two complete games; Fight, and Flight. The Fight game is darker, and at least one player will have to navigate a restricted space. Fight is a little easier than our other options, as the ambient atmosphere can slow some players down. If you're more into puzzles than storyline, you'll probably complete the room with a great time! Flight, conversely, is our hardest game.
  • As parts of the two Final Call games share the same space, an added aspect to play is working out what belongs to your game and what might be a distraction. Again, the originality of the puzzles and the mix-up of their styles always keep the experts happy!
  • Final Call: XL, our 100-minute game, is both the Flight and the Fight options played together. Keep in mind that 100 minutes is a long time, yes, but you have two games’ worth of content to get through. It's a challenge that we recommend only experienced players take on!
We're new to this escaping lark, are some games better suited to us?
  • All of our 60-minute games are suitable for beginners.
  • The Laboratory is a linear game, which means that it’s not overwhelming for beginners. It’s easier to know what you should be concentrating on at any one time.
  • Final Call is a mad mix of everything! Some puzzles need more 'out-of-the-box' thinking, so newbies may find it challenging to make connections, but the pure ridiculousness of theming and gameplay more than make up for that.
  • Choose the theme that sounds the most fun for your group. Help is not limited, and we aim to get your group to the end of the game. If that takes a few minutes extra, so be it. You’re here to have fun, and all of our games are created and managed with that in mind!
  • Final Call XL (the 100-minute game) is not for first-timers. We recommend you have some experience before you take it on.
Our English is limited, can we still play?
  • Your gamemaster can follow a game played in a fair few languages. We can’t communicate with you in those languages, so someone in your group needs to understand English/Portuguese well enough to read any written material in the game and speak with your gamemaster. Your game hints are written, so we can use Google Translate if necessary.
  • If you speak a language we don't come across often, you are still welcome. All of the above applies, except that we can’t follow what the group is saying in the game, so hints may not be as well tailored to you.
  • The Laboratory has a lot of written material. However, we can set up a hybrid version of the game using the clue system from Project Cyborg, which is image based. If that appeals to you, let us know when you book.
Members of our group have limited mobility, can we still play?
  • Absolutely. There is seating in each game, and there are no compulsory physical tasks (such as crawling, etc.).
  • If you are a wheelchair user, please be aware that there are three steps up to the walkway around the building. There are no steps in our facilities.
Are we really locked in?
  • You can always exit the game area whenever you need to. The emergency exit door is operable by clients, and will automatically unlock in the event of a powercut.
How will we find you? Can we come by car?
  • You will be sent a confirmation email with a location pin (if you've given us your email address) and also an SMS message with a pin a few hours before your game.
  • There is some parking around our building. We are on the southeast corner of the building, on the first floor arcade. There is more parking on the road just before our building, and if it's really busy, there are plenty of car parks, paid and free, in the surrounding area to be found on a map app.