The year: 1950.
The mission: evaluate the risks of a significant new medical research project.

The scientist wants to start testing on human subjects.
But is the world ready for his discovery?

Type: Mental
Style: Traditional
Time: 60 minutes
Players: 2-6
Challenging, but the style of the game guides you along the right path.

You are part of a team that supervises a scientist working with animals and strange machines. He is on the cusp of a discovery that will change the world.

But, so far, the results are… unreliable. The scientist wants to take his research to a new level, but the investors have serious doubts. Your team will be giving the green light to continue… or not.

When you arrive, something seems wrong. The scientist is not there. He’s out looking for subjects for experimentation. You have just one hour to decide if he can be left to complete his work.

It’s about to get personal…

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