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Looking for something different to do? Something challenging, fun and rewarding? A once in a lifetime experience? Look no further.


Every day we make movies. We know the storyline when we start, but we never know whether it will be a comedy, a drama, a mystery, a saga or even a tragedy. Making it will be exciting, immersive, innovative, frustrating, perplexing and hilarious. We do know that it will never be boring.


We run escape rooms.


Here in the Algarve, escaping is the new black and everyone wants a chance to try on the outfit.


No matter what walk of life you tread, how old you are, or who you get to play with, you get to be the star of your own hour long feature film.


It’s a choose-your-own-adventure book in 3D, no VR headset required. It's real life! You play in a group, pick your room, and enter. The countdown starts.

You look around. The room seems normal at first glance. It might be an office, an apartment entryway, a prison cell, a bank vault or even a rabbit hole. It will depend on the story you’re starring in. But wait, there’s something not quite right about that drawer - it has a false bottom! There’s a folded piece of paper in it! It has what looks like a cipher written on it, and in the corner, a… page reference? You look around. There are some books on a shelf…

And so you have started your story. You will find puzzles, enigmas, mysteries and secrets and you will, with your group, work together to fit them all together and solve them, one by one, until you have played out your script. The aim is to complete the task, find the hidden treasure, or simply escape the room within the hour. Each room is unique, and you can only solve it once.

Once you’ve done your first room, you are probably addicted to the rush and need another fix as soon as possible!


The escaping scene is young in the Algarve, but we already boast multiple critically acclaimed games.

We run ‘The Laboratory’, set in an old abandoned lab. Venture in and blow away the cobwebs as you try to find a long hidden secret before the evil corporation finds you and takes hostages!

The Laboratory is a mystery theme, suitable for all ages. It’s not dark or scary. There are chairs for those with reduced mobility to sit whilst exercising their brains!

We also run ‘Atlantis!’, which takes you on an astonishing adventure under the sea in search of a newly discovered energy source. What will you find once your sub hits rock bottom?

Atlantis! is an adventure theme. It’s suitable for all ages, but does require reasonable mobility. It’s a fairly physical game, with not one traditional padlock in sight. It’s not scary.

Final Call takes you to an apocalyptic world where the walking dead are searching for fresh meat. Will your group fight to eradicate the threat, or will they escape to safety on the last flight from town?

Final Call has a suspense theme. It has dark spaces. There are zombies! It has a creative mix of traditional and innovative puzzles. And you can choose your final scene! Fight, or flight?​

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